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Kingdom Landscape Plant Guarantee

Kingdom Landscape Plant Guarantee

Kingdom Landscape Plant Guarantee

Landscaping is an investment.  Your newly completed plantings should continue to mature and enhance your home for many years to come.


Important note:

  • Trees are guaranteed for 4 months from date of project completion.
  • Shrubs & perennials are guaranteed for 90 days from date of project completion.


It is important to realize that perennials rarely thrive during the first season they are in the ground.  Their roots are alive even when the foliage and flowers have gone dormant.  In cases where the loss of a perennial is questionable, the warranty will be extended until the following spring.  If plants do not grow back the spring after being planted, they will be replaced.

Annuals are not covered under the guarantee, as they naturally complete their life cycle within one growing season.  Your landscape designer will inform you if any of your plants are annuals, and thus exempt from the guarantee.


It is the responsibility of Kingdom  Landscape to provide high quality plant materials, which are planted correctly.  Kingdom Landscape will thoroughly water and mulch all newly planted beds. We will provide you with care instructions upon project completion.  Improper planting or inferior plant quality will usually be visible within one month from time of planting.  Kingdom Landscape will provide one complimentary appointment with their representative, should problems arise during the guarantee period.  Subsequent appointments will be billed to the client at the current rate.


The homeowner’s responsibility for the plants begins at project completion.  The homeowner’s responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Provide all plants with adequate water, according to care sheet guidelines and weather conditions.  We cannot be responsible for loss of plants due to “acts of God”, i.e. tornado, flood,  fire, or drought. We cannot be responsible for plant loss due to uncontrollable circumstances such as vehicle damage, pets, trampling, or malfunctioning sprinklers.
  2. Provide a fresh application of mulch to all beds every six months.
  3. Fertilization is not required, but recommended.  An encapsulated, slow-release fertilizer such as Osmocote is highly beneficial.  Always follow label instructions.


Plant Care Guidelines